Launched in 1984, OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is a part of a family of industry leaders, including PDQ Manufacturing Inc., Belanger Inc., Innovative Control Systems (ICS) and Kesseltronics. Together, these companies are revolutionizing the car wash experience for all vehicles.

PDQ’s name, in particular, is synonymous with In-Bay automatic success. And even though they’ve set the standard for quality, they aren’t stuck in the past. They’re constantly looking toward the future to innovate and stay on top of their game.

MaxAir Dryer

PDQ’s MaxAir Drying Systems are a breakthrough in dryer performance delivering high-velocity air to the vehicle surface.

OverGlow Arches

Put the shine back into your profits with the OverGlow® Hi-Gloss Application System. Not only will your customer love their shiny vehicle, you will love the extra revenue.

More Reasons to Love PDQ:

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