Controllers & POS Systems

Get industry-leading technology to enhance your customer’s experience

From full entrance management to safe tunnel exit, and everything in between, WashLinks is the best choice to provide you with cutting-edge technology solutions to make your customers  experience as quick and efficient as possible.

The solutions we provide are versatile, expandable and can scale with you as your business Grows, so you will always operate at maximum efficiency. Our solutions also allow for complete customizability in the operation of your car wash to meet your specific needs.

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

The LPR technology is a simple and easy-to-use system equipped with a contactless entry for club members.


The RFID is a two-lane auto passport system able to process more than 30,000 cars per month. These custom-printed tags help you identify each vehicle passing through the wash. The data is time-stamped and stored for reporting. Everything is automatic and doesn’t require any user interaction.

Fuel Pump Interface for Gas Stations

Integrating your car wash with a gas station can boost sales volume by offering car wash services right at the fuel pumps. By employing a self-serve fuel pump interface, customers can purchase car washes while fueling up. The receipt, generated either at the pump or inside the convenience store, will provide a wash code and an expiration date for the car wash service.

Our observations indicate that this integration not only augments the car wash’s volume but also enhances the gas station’s throughput. Customers value the efficiency of handling both needs in one stop, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two profit centers as they cater to the same customer base.

Why Choose Sonny's Pay Station™?

Experience the Ultimate Convenience and Revenue Boost!

With Sonny’s Pay Station™, you get a comprehensive set of robust features that will transform your car wash business. Whether it’s processing cash or credit transactions, selling various products like washes, services, memberships, gift cards, or wash cards, this revolutionary technology is designed to engage customers and skyrocket your revenue. Plus, the sleek stainless steel enclosure can be fully customized to reflect your brand’s unique look.

Don’t miss out on the game-changing potential of Sonny’s Pay Station™. Contact your Sonny’s Sales Representative today to explore the limitless possibilities and discover the custom color paint options available. Your car wash business will never be the same again!

Easy Setup

Say goodbye to complicated setups and hardware issues! WashLinks Pay Station™ offers a simple USB plug-and-play design, making it incredibly easy to replace any faulty components. No more worrying about complex technicalities like motherboards or wiring – just seamless functionality that keeps your business running smoothly.

Easy Customization

Not only is the Pay Station customizable in appearance, but it also provides a personalized experience for your customers. Each unit comes with a custom programmed interactive menu, guiding customers through an intuitive interface and making them feel welcome. And with streamlined device monitoring and troubleshooting, you’ll stay on top of repairs and replenishments effortlessly.

Easy Loyalization

But that’s not all – WashLinks Pay Station™ offers a wealth of benefits to enhance your business. From quick and convenient sales, redemption, and renewal of memberships to the seamless management of gift cards and wash cards, this system has got you covered. It even enables you to process corporate customers and provide discounts effortlessly.