Vacuum Systems

Get vacuum systems from the top brands in the industry.

The surprising key to successful car washes? Vacuums!

Whatever your vision is for your car wash, success begins with providing superb customer experience. Vacuums are a key to that experience and to your success. This is because a clean interior is every bit as important as a shiny exterior. Customers expect to have access to a high-powered vacuum system.

Luckily for you, we here at WashLinks provide innovative products and equipment designed and manufactured by the industry’s top brands.

The products we supply include:

Vacuum Booms (“Arches”)

Often referred to as booms, these “arches” have become the hallmark of today’s superior car washes by combining function with form.

Vacuum Boom Canopies

The perfect solution to all your vacuuming needs, this simple design allows for easy installation and maintenance, giving customers easy access to your vacuum stations while sheltered from the elements.

Free Vac & Paid Vac

We offer POS integrated and stand-alone solutions designed to meet your needs, regardless of if you’re seeking free or paid vacs.

Vacuum Turbines

Turbines, or vacuum producers, are the most important part of your system. This is because they create negative pressure, or “suction”, needed to keep your system operating powerfully.

Vacuum Separators

This product allows for the effortless filtering of the dirt and debris gathered by your vacuums, protecting the turbine.

Vacuum Parts & Accessories

If you want to give your car wash an edge over your competition then you need to consider adding additional parts and accessories to create a memorable customer experience that draws people in and generates repeat business.

And much more!

Whether you want your current vacuum system replaced or need a completely new unit, the vacuum systems we provide can be tailored to your specific car wash.

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