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Insight & Clarity

Building a car wash is rewarding, if you partner with the right people. Let's evaluate, plan and build together.

Embarking on a car wash venture is exponentially rewarding when you collaborate with the right experts. Together, we can assess, strategize, and execute your vision. Every car wash venture presents its own unique challenges. But with WashLinks by your side, those challenges become manageable milestones. From choosing the perfect location to crafting a compelling brand identity and marketing strategy, our integrated consulting approach covers every angle.

Our combined experience ensures that, partnering with our clients, we can minimize uncertainties and maximize informed choices.

Whether you’re laying the foundation stone of your business or seeking to elevate an existing setup, our mission is to refine, enhance, and boost your car wash operations, driving you towards higher profitability.

Site Evaluations & Demographic Studies

Knowing the ins and outs of what you’re purchasing, the needed repairs, and the costs for those repairs is vital to making an informed decision. We make this process simple and easy, so you set yourself up for success at the start.


Are you considering purchasing a car wash but are uncertain whether your equipment is delivering the best product possible? Well, then this is the service you need. We’ll do an audit of the equipment to make sure it’s up to standard.

CAD 3D Tunnel Layouts

Visualize how your tunnel will appear well before construction begins.

We can bring your tunnel to life virtually well before construction begins, so there are no surprises.

Pro Forma Projections

Want to know when your business will turn a profit? With this service we’ll evaluate when your business will break even and develop a growth plan.

Pre-construction Meetings

Avoid project delays by letting us teach you how to conduct an effective pre-construction meeting. 

Marketing & Branding

Generate name recognition and start building a loyal following that will give you an edge over your competition with our marketing and branding service.

Management & Technical Training

We’ll assist you in training your team on maintenance, repair and management, so you can increase productivity, avoid errors, and decrease downtime.

And more!


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