Soaps & Waxes Program

Ensuring seamless operations: with our soap and chemical program you have one less huge worry, replaced by reliability and predictability.

Empowered to win

Managing your soaps and chemicals is an ongoing process that requires diligent attention on a regular basis. Our program empowers you to focus on what you do best; managing your customers and operation while we focus on maximizing your consumable products like soaps and chemicals in your wash.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Water composition and temperatures will have a dramatic effect on the quantity of chemicals required to efficiently clean your vehicles.

These ever-changing variables need to be tracked, measured and accommodated for on a high-frequency basis. While you may feel that you’re getting a great deal on your chemical today — you may be wasting a lot of it at various times of the year or potentially not using enough and sacrificing your quality of wash.

Cost Per Wash Metric

WashLinks works to maintain your chemical program. We analyze your wash to ensure it is drying vehicles properly, rinsing properly, reducing waste and providing a good overall clean vehicle to your valued customers. We test your water and adjust your chemical outputs in accordance to the unique variables at your wash. Once the wash is dialed in, we track and monitor your usage on a regular basis and provide a cost per wash metric to you for record.

WashLinks provides a cost per wash analysis to multiple car washes in Ontario with great accuracy. Based on your unique location and other factors such as water quality and products used, we generally see a cost per wash as low as $0.50/vehicle and as high as $2.00/vehicle, although hard water, temperature and other factors can affect this cost. 

Our objective is to work with you to ensure that this cost per wash is as low as absolutely possible through ongoing communication and adjustment. We’re not just selling you soaps and chemicals, we’re ensuring your wash is successful and will continually monitor to ensure everything is optimized!

Paradigm Shift

Sophisticated car wash owners of today are beginning to recognize that when they purchase chemicals without actively measuring their cost per wash, they may be paying more in the long run while also producing inconsistent washes for their customers.

The days of comparing the price of one 5-gallon jug to another are passing. Depending on the products compared, concentrations are different, sizes are different and overall composition is different. It’s almost never an apples-to-apples comparison. Changes in solution concentrations must be precisely adjusted in accordance to outside variables to ensure cost effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction.

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