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Get the Best Car Wash Equipment Delivered and Installed at Your Site!

We are a leading supplier of your favourite brands:

  • Sonny’s

  • PDQ

  • PECO

  • ICS

  • Kesseltronics

We Love Clean Cars

We are one of the leading providers of quality car wash equipment and services to carwash owners and operators across Canada.

Car Wash Equipment

Car wash owners, operators and investors at all levels rely on our more than 65 years of industry expertise to build and maintain profitable car washes. We are experts in providing clean cars to customers and teaching you how to do the same. We provide, service and maintain equipment and parts from the industry’s best companies. We build and service tunnel car washes, coin-operated washes, and touchless in-bay automatic systems among others – so no matter your needs, we got you covered!


We’ll keep your car wash running with cutting-edge wash innovations and an exceptional level of service that sets us apart from the competition while ensuring that you do the same. Whether you are just getting started in the car wash business or are a seasoned pro, WashLinks is the expert end-to-end solutions provider that you need to successfully grow and maintain a superior and profitable car wash.

automatic car washing station

New site builders and investors can rest assured knowing that WashLinks will walk you through the entire build, installation, and regular maintenance lifecycle of your new car wash. Existing car wash owners will benefit from our car wash maintenance and consulting services to improve their wash and grow their business - backed by our 65 years’ experience of doing the same for ourselves. Clean vehicles are the key to keeping your customers happy; and we know how to increase the smiles per hour at your location!


Our highly skilled team of passionate industry experts will meet all your car wash needs while handling your equipment and systems with the utmost care they deserve. Providing you everything from POS systems, equipment and parts to chemical supply, detailing products and vacuums – WashLinks is your premium partner to provide your customers with a clean and shiny car inside and out.


Partner with us today and let’s clean more cars!

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Carwash Association
International Carwash Association

Car Wash Equipment

We distribute and service car wash equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Soaps and Waxes

We offer premium car wash soaps and waxes from trusted brands.

Consulting Services

Choose WashLinks for dependable car wash consultation services.

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