WashLinks partners with Kesseltronics, specializes in car wash control systems, including innovative card systems for customer loyalty, designed to interact with the majority of point-of-sale terminal vendors such as Gilbarco, Ruby Verifone, Bulloch Technologies, Tokheim, and others.

With 20 years of experience in producing control systems, Kesseltronics offers products and services that are among the most reliable and cost-effective in the industry. Committed to stimulating the local economy, most of their products are proudly manufactured in Canada.

Tunnel type controller

Managing a car wash operation has been simplified with Kesseltronics’ r-TC remote controllers, a solution offered in partnership with WashLinks. Designed with modern technology, the r-TC system allows operators to manage and control multiple sites from virtually anywhere.

The modular system can accommodate various configurations and easily integrates with both new and existing equipment. Configuration is streamlined through an intuitive web interface, and programming can be done without any interruption to the ongoing car wash activity.

The r-TC offers advanced features such as a touch screen interface, ultrasonic sensors for monitoring chemical levels, and the ability to measure both ambient and water temperatures. Additionally, the system provides tools for scheduling preventive maintenance, advanced diagnostics, and generating alarm reports. These innovative features collectively contribute to a more efficient and responsive car wash management experience.

Code system

Kesseltronics, in partnership with WashLinks, offers a state-of-the-art system designed to enhance customer account flexibility and maximize car wash operations. With features such as a touch screen, interconnection cables, and interfaces with gas pumps and printers, this system enables operators to add multiple points of sale.

The system’s capabilities include remote code generation for car wash purchases, adherence to industry standards for gas pump communication, and easy installation and configuration. It can support up to 12 different wash packages and generate wash codes at four price levels, with functions to verify the status of each code. Security is ensured with user password protection across three user types, and sales and usage reports can be generated.

Additionally, the system can manage up to 10,000 customer accounts with pricing adjustments based on the time of day. It offers the capacity to provide free options to customers at certain times and handle both pre-payment and post-payment of accounts.

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