How Perseverance During a Pandemic Helped this Entrepreneur Find His Next Successful Business Venture

Case Study

The Problem

In 2020, COVID caused many businesses to shut down, but Maurice Rose was fortunate enough to be in a position to start a new venture. However, due to pandemic-related uncertainties, he wanted to avoid risky businesses that involved inventory or perishable items. His brother suggested a car wash, and at a car show, he met Bill Barber of WashLinks, who provided expert guidance as Maurice searched for a suitable site. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, Maurice made the bold move of working for Bill for free to gain hands-on experience in the car washing business.

Maurice worked for Bill for free to gain hands-on experience in the car washing business until COVID caused the car wash where he was working to temporarily shut down. Around the same time, Bill called and informed Maurice that he had found a car wash site for him, albeit in need of significant aesthetic and mechanical improvements. Maurice decided to take on the challenge, and with Bill’s help, they revitalized the car wash and gave it a second life as Valet Car Wash Guelph.

The Strategy & Goal

Bill didn’t just help Maurice find and buy a car wash site, he also worked closely with him to create a strategy that would ensure the success of Valet Car Wash Guelph. They started by revamping the exterior aesthetics of the business, such as updating the signage with modern LED lights and repainting the lot. They then turned their attention to marketing, with Maurice launching social media campaigns and radio ads to let everyone know that Valet Car Wash was back and better than ever.

Finally, Bill assisted Maurice with developing a more efficient car wash system. He helped him upgrade the chemical dispensing system, installed a new controller, and switched to a more reliable software provider for their tunnel system. With these changes, Valet Car Wash was able to improve its operations.

The Results

Maurice transformed an underperforming and outdated car wash into a modern and thriving business with the help of WashLinks. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Valet Car Wash saw growth during that time, and the business continues to grow. Maurice expressed gratitude for WashLinks, saying, “They are always available to listen to my concerns, answer my technical questions, and are happy to help and talk with me.”

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