Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding car wash equipment, improving your operations, attracting customers, investing in a car wash, managing risk at your car wash, and much, much more.

Investor Questions

Express Car Washes can cost up to $7M depending on real estate area, extent of technology used in the wash and the overall length of the tunnel. Costs will vary according to the overall business objective.

Best conditions for a car wash are high density population areas correctly zoned for car wash and easily accessible for traffic. WashLinks can provide a feasibility report based on these attributes and help you determine if a property is a good location.

WashLinks primarily builds and services express tunnel washes. Tunnel washes often use a combination of both technologies to achieve the best result. Today’s closed foam brushes effectively agitate the dirt from a vehicle without scratching. While using water exclusively can achieve the same result, more water and more time is required in the process. Its for this reason that the leading tunnels will use both technologies together.

Approximately 40% of all new washes are built using belt conveyors and growing. While it’s less intimidating for the customer to use, the initial capital cost of installation is approximately 3 times that of a traditional over under conveyor.

There are various advantages and disadvantages to each conveyor and WashLinks can assist you with identifying what the best approach is for your wash.

Monthly memberships are a tremendous way to develop consistent revenue without the impact of poor weather. WashLinks was the pioneer in developing memberships in Canada and our expertise this area has resulted in producing the Canada’s most successful car wash chains. We can help you develop a program to ensure your success!

Selecting the type of car wash will often depend on the local demographic. Tunnels are designed to clean a high volume of cars each day while an in bay automatic will clean a much lower volume. If the location can’t support a high volume car wash, an in bay automatic would likely be the better business decision.

WashLinks works with various external financing partners that can assist you with leasing or purchasing of equipment or entire car washes. If you require financing assistance, WashLinks can connect you with someone who can help you.

Free vacuums are a tremendous way to draw attention to your wash but not necessary for a successful car wash. Consideration should always be taken to determine if it’s necessary and there’s a need to such as local demographics or close competition. We can provide many examples of highly successful car washes without free vacuums. WashLinks will assist you with determining if vacuums will contribute to a more successful wash.

Operator Questions

Yes! We can assist you with prioritizing and tailoring improvements according to budget whether you’re new to the industry or have just purchased an existing wash.

Absolutely! WashLinks is the leader in assisting its customers to establish a successful car wash. We will visit your wash and provide you with the necessary insight and tools to get you on the path for success!

Yes! WashLinks will provide a no-cost visit to assess the problem and make recommendations to improve the end result.

WashLinks is a full-service partner that can assist you with all things wash related. Whether you require soaps or equipment servicing, WashLinks can help

WashLinks can provide parts for virtually any car wash equipment manufacturer in operation. While most parts we have on hand will be Sonny’s, we also stock a selection of other leading manufacturers in our warehouse. If we don’t have it on hand, we can track it down for you!

Yes, we can provide a tailored program in addition to providing the tools to enable you to do this in house as well.

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