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High-grade Vacuum Systems

WashLinks provides top-quality vacuum systems. Whether you want your current vacuum system replaced or need a completely new unit, our vacuum solutions are an ideal addition to your car wash business.

women using vacuum cleaner for cleaning car upholstery
a view of car vacuum cleaning station

Vacuum Systems from the Best Brands

At Washlinks, we recommend and supply vacuum systems from the best brands including Sonny's, AutoVac, VACUTECH and J.E. Adams Industries Ltd. The products we supply include:

  • Central Vacuum Turbines

  • Vacuum Boom

  • Vacuum Boom Canopies

  • Vacuum Parts

  • Vacuum Accessories

  • Vacuum Separators

  • And much more!

Contact us now to learn more about our vacuum systems.

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Vacuum Systems

Get high-quality vacuum systems and parts from Washlinks.

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