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Industry-leading Controllers and POS Systems

From full entrance management to safe tunnel exit and everything in between – WashLinks is the best choice to provide you with cutting-edge technology solutions to make your desired customer experience a reality.

woman scanning QA code at car wash POS station
a view of QR code scanning process at POS station

The solutions we provide are versatile, expandable and can scale with you as your business grows so you will always operate with maximum efficiency. Our car wash controllers are simple yet powerful, versatile and dependable – providing complete customizability in the operation of your car wash to meet your specific needs.

car at car wash station near pos system

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

The LPR technology is a simple and easy-to-use system equipped with a contactless entry for the club members.

  • It utilizes cutting-edge LPR technology, which automates the club membership sign up and further processing.

  • The industry-leading plate embedded in it reads with an accuracy of 97+%.

  • It delivers optimal customer experience with no attendant involvement required.

  • It tracks the use by club members to maximize revenue.

  • It tracks each visit to analyze frequency and buying habits.


The RFID is a two-lane auto passport system. It can process more than 30,000 cars per month. It helps us identify each vehicle passing through the wash. The data is then time-stamped and stored for reporting. Everything is automatic and doesn't require any user interaction.

  • The custom-printed RFID tags automatically recognize the vehicle without any intervention and display a particular menu. It then triggers the appropriate retracts.

  • It adds to the revenue by offering additional services or wash club upgrades.

  • The electronic chip-enabled RFID tags are designed to be disabled automatically if tampered with or removed.

  • It offers easy and customized club and fleet programs.

car exiting car wash using RFID tag
customer using POS system at Washing station.
a view of POS system receipt

Fuel Pump Interface For Gas Stations

Increase volume by selling car washes at the gas pumps. By using a Fuel Pump Interface, you can sell washes at your gas pumps. The receipt prints out at the gas pump or inside the c-store with a wash code and expiration date.


Our experience has shown that selling car wash services at the pump not only increases the volume at the car wash, it also increases the volume at the gas station! Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to make both purchases at one time, and the two profit centers share the same customer base.

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Cutting Edge Controllers and POS Systems

We supply controllers and POS systems from the best brands in the industry.

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