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Premium-quality Car Wash Soaps and Waxes

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Diamond Shine car wash chemistry offers chemistry without compromise. Diamond Shine’s complete series of premium chemistry is specifically formulated for tunnel car wash systems. Deliver cleaner, drier, shinier vehicles no matter what delivery system you prefer.

Increase your average revenue per car by implementing a 6-step Fusion Process!

The Fusion Process Edge

Are you looking for state-of-the-art car wash equipment that is designed to showroom-shine your client’s cars? The Fusion Process™ is specifically made to give your car wash shop a competitive edge. It delivers a fantastic hand wax quality shine and paint protection. Through this process, you can convert your car wash packages into attractive experiences that your customers will want to opt for again and again. Here is a look at the six steps of the fully integrated procedure:

Fusion Bath

Fusion Bath

Remove those tough contaminants from the car’s surface using this as a specially formulated low pH detergent. The application is simple and hassle-free, in the form of a thin sheet of foam, resulting in a dazzling car shine.

Fusion Prime

Fusion Prime

This ultra-low pH detergent penetrates prior foam applications and helps get rid of road grime. It is applied in precise steams for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant.

Fusion Rinse

Fusion Rinse

This can help you remove foam residue to expose painted surfaces to Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. When combined with water, it can be used to rinse the car, it helps flush all grooves, crevices, and cowlings.

Fusion Seal

Fusion Seal

Being a patent-pending formula that chemically bonds to the surface, this helps lock out dirt and protect painted surfaces from cars. The droplets evenly spread for continuous coverage.

Fusion Wax

Fusion Wax

The exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba will help you enhance the depth and quality of the car’s shine. It can be applied in a cascading sheet of airy foam for complete coating.

Fusion Rain Repel

Fusion Rain Repel

This can be used to improve all-weather glass visibility. The spray applicators are targeted at the glass surfaces of the vehicle.

Add Ceramic X3 to your Fusion Process!

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Impress your customers with an advanced technology wash package that gives a smooth, polished look to their cars. We offer Ceramic X3, the next level of premium chemistry that forms a durable shield and is resistant to dirt, bird droppings, contaminants and water. With a three-step layering process, it offers superior hydrophobic water repellency and provides long-lasting shine. Get ready to have your customers coming back again and again to your car wash as you turn their car’s exterior into a virtually impermeable surface.

Fusion Process Tunnel with Ceramic X3

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