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Car Wash Equipment and Parts

We are the complete car wash connection, linking you to the highest quality equipment, parts, chemicals and systems. Having rock-solid relationships with the best companies in the business, we are all your car wash needs. We supply and maintain everything from individual parts and chemicals to in-bay automatic washes through full-sized tunnel car wash systems. We are a leading supplier and distributor of your favourite car wash equipment, components and parts from Sonny’s, PECO, PDQ, Mr. Foamer, Innovative Control Systems (ICS) and Kesseltronics, which ensures that we can deliver world-class solutions tailored to your specific needs.

a view of different car wash equipment and parts
a view of car washing at automatic car washing station
a view of car wash station

We provide a full range of offerings in the car wash industry including:

  • Tunnel Equipment

  • Friction Car Wash Equipment

  • Touchless Car Wash Equipment

  • In-Bay Automatic Equipment

  • Coin-op Equipment

  • Supporting Equipment For Car Washes

  • Access Entry Pay Stations

  • Chemical Dispensing Systems

  • Chemical Pump Stations

  • Water Treatment Systems

  • And much more!

Contact us today for all your equipment, parts and service needs.

Complete Car Wash Signage & Lighting Solutions

Our Sonny’s Signage by Mr. Foamer provides top-of-the-line LED lighting and custom artwork for all areas of your car wash including branding and signage to enhance your customer’s experience. Give your wash the WOW-Factor customers crave and increase your wash ticket!


These engaging menu designs leverage expertly-crafted graphics that demonstrate true value and compel your customers to purchase your top package. Take your message further with graphics that reinforce your brand’s value and keep your customers coming back for more with a memorable experience from the entrance to the exit.

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Car Wash Equipment and Parts

Get high-quality car wash equipment and parts from WashLinks.

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